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Residential Closing New Jersey

Are you considering Buying or Selling a home in New Jersey? For most of us that is a major financial decision. Buying or Selling a piece of your American dream can be expensive and perilous if you don’t know what you are doing. Give us a call today and our Real Estate attorney will help ensure that you will be able to sleep well at night knowing that your interest are protected by experienced New York Real Estate attorneys.

Whether you are purchasing or selling a co-op, condo or a single/multi-family home, we can help. We charge a flat fee of $995 from contract to closing for all residential real estate transactions (up to 4 families).

The $995 fee includes the following services:

For Buyer

  •   Review and negotiate your real estate contract
  •   Explain to you the real estate contract and mortgage commitment
  •   Resolving any issues (including issues of repair, termite damage, etc.) before the closing
  •   Correspond with the seller’s attorney, title company and mortgage company
  •   Prepare for the closing, including obtaining necessary title work
  •   Review of mortgage commitment and title commitment
  •   Represent you at the closing

For Seller

  •   Prepare, review and negotiation your real estate contract
  •   Explain your real estate contract to you
  •   Resolving any issues (including issues of repair, termite damage, etc.) prior to closing
  •   Corresponding with the buyer’s attorney
  •   Preparation for closing
  •   Representing you at closing


  •   NYC
  •   Manhattan
  •   Brooklyn
  •   Queens
  •   Philadelphia
  •   Bucks County
  •   Montgomery County
  •   Chester County